Trassegum Rosé 2018

Trassegum Rosé 2018

Vintage : 2018

Out put : 45 hl/ha

Varietals : , mourvèdre (40%), Syrah(60%)

Wine making process :
This rosé wine is made with fermentation in 500 litres French oak barrels

Tasting notes :
This grape left to mature in barrels gives this rosé wine an originality and elegance second nose. Its robe, with its gooseberry colouring, sparkles. Its powerful nose combines the harmonious aromas of fresh and black fruits followed by a slight burny tang giving it great complexity. The mouth is all together crunchy, full, long and complex.
It is a gastronomique Rosé !



Trassegum rosé 2018

Trassegum Rosé 2018